S3 T3 Auto Trader V1.0 Combo Chartbook


S3 and T3 on the same screen at the same time. Trade the two strategies side by side. Control them individually  with their own S3 and T3 inputs. Select symbols with the quote board.

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S3 and T3 Auto Trader V1.0

2-in-One Chartbook

S3 T3 Quote Board Chartbook

Featuring all the features of the latest S3 and T3 releases

  • S3 V2.0 Trading on the left
    • Includes T3 Bars at the bottom to help you decide if you want to auto trade or not on S3
  • T3 V1.0 Trading on the right
  • Symbols and Ticks are selectable with Quote Boards. All appropriate charts change through links.
    • Time frames will not change with the quote board, this is a limitation of Sierra Chart. To help you, recommended settings are listed as Comment1.
    • Create buttons on the menu to quickly change symbols.
      Watch the video here.



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