T3 V1.01 Manual Chartbook Bundle


Manually trade the T3 Strategy, using the same charts used in the TradingFibz.com trading room. Includes online user manual.



For use with the Sierra Chart graphing and trading platform.

Manually trade the T3 “Trade the Trend” Strategy as developed by David Katz of TradingFibz.com. 

T3 – Trade The Trend Chart Book Example: ES

This chartbook is pre-configured with the same charts and studies David provides the members of his room, and they are now available for immediate download. The charts include the color bars that summarize three of the four rules for identifying trend. When the three horizontal bars at the bottom turn green and a Up Trend Heiken-Ashi candle closes, that is your signal to take a the trade.

The bundle consists of 8 chartbooks for Sierra Chart. Four of them are pre-configured for ES/NQ/YM/RTY. Four additional chartbooks with generic names are set for CL/GC/6E/6J.  Any and all of the chartbooks can be changed to other symbols of your choice. A handy quote board is also provided with each chartbook to quickly switch between symbols.  By clicking on the symbol, all  the linked charts will automatically switch. The time frame for the Flex Renko, Heiken-Ashi chart is provided in the quoteboard as a reminder of the recommended settings.  Symbols can be added, deleted, or modified at will.





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