End of Support: 32-Bit Sierra Chart

Since October 10, 2020, Sierra no longer supports the 32-bit version of Sierra Chart.  Users should be running version 2177 or higher of the 64-bit version. All Forgiving Computers custom studies are compatible with the latest version of Sierra Chart, and the 32-bit versions are being removed from the download server. Once you have updated to the 64 bit Sierra Chart, you can delete any DLL files that Do Not end in _64.dll.  If you need time to migrate to a newer version, the DLLs on your disk will still work, but they will not be refreshed if deleted.  

As a reminder, if you need a fresh copy of any of my chartbooks, you can delete or rename the original file, and when you restart Sierra, a new copy will be downloaded. 

It is a best practice to wait 30 seconds or so after starting Sierra to ensure the downloads have completed. You can see them in the Windows Message Log.

Please feel free to contact me if there are any issues. Thank you for your support. 

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