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So after the trial period, and maybe a extra month of membership after that, I decided I liked it in the room, and sprung for lifetime membership. This was a serious decision, because it was also about this time, that it became clear that David wasn’t there to call out all his trades so we could do what he does.  He is there to teach us “how to fish”, so we would know when to take the trades following his methodology or one help us find the right mix of strategies for various market conditions.  Was I ready to do this? I took the plunge.

So at this time, I have been in the room about 2 years. I have learned a lot from David and the other members, so now I give back to the room and to others, with this web site. My hope is that by doing so, we can help give the small retail trader a fighting chance in this world of High Frequency Trading algos, big money, and professional traders who can smell a novice a thousand miles away.

Soon after I joined the room, David said he planned on doing this the rest of his life, and since I am a few years older than him, I figured that should work for the rest of my life. Proof of his dedication to the room is the fact that he turned down a job at a well known trading school, because would have to stop teaching his strategy, stop running his trading room, and his shutdown his web site.

Thank you David. You are a true believer in giving knowledge to others.

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