New: Lifetime Licenses for all Trading Systems. Save Additional $ for a Limited Time.

In celebration of Spring and the soon to be over Pandemic (crossing fingers), subscriptions are gone. Forgiving Computers is now offering all products, including auto-trading systems, as one-time purchases. Lifetime Licenses for the S3, T3, the S3/T3 combo, and the W3 Automated Trading Bots include free updates and 1 year of email support.  See all the products here:

All current and previous subscribers to these systems are eligible for free Lifetime Licenses for a limited time. Contact if interested. 

Coming Soon: Advanced Trade Duplicator

The next big thing to emerge out of the development process is a Trade Duplicator tool that allows one to use their best trading methods, manual or automated, to trade futures in a Margin Account, and have those trades copied to up to 10 Retirement Accounts that are not allowed to have short positions. So for example, if you wanted to Buy the ES, you can also buy the correlated SPY ETF, and if you Sell the ES, you can buy an Inverse ETF, like SH. All duplicated orders with set prices are automatically scaled based on the percentages in the Margin account. Unfilled Limit, Stop, and Entry orders can be modified by you with the order lines on the main chart. Automatic allocation by your broker and manual allocation methods are available. A Chart-Based Menu Item (i.e. Right-Click) lets you Flatten and Cancel on all charts with working orders using one click.

Here is a Demo Video of the primary functions:

The FC Advanced Order Duplicator is currently in beta test. Let me know if you want to test it. (mailto:// General release is expected in the next month or so.


Stay well. Until next time,

Brad Houser

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