W3 Auto Trader for Sierra Chart


Trade the W3 system automatically. Looks for trends with runners. Uses Quote boards to select any symbol. Easily adjust your order quantity, and select your favorite trade management configuration. Choose Sierra Chart for most brokers, or Infinity Futures for proper installation.


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The W3 trade automation system is a simple yet powerful trend following system.  It was the idea of another trader who asked me to develop an automated system for him. He agreed to make it available to the public, and preliminary tests show it can produce some pretty interesting results.

W3 Auto Trader – Click to enlarge

The original system wanted the T3-5 and T3-10 MAs to cross and have their slopes in sync. When I saw that this could lead to many signals, especially near the end of the trend, I suggested it be limited to the first valid signal before the MAs cross back the other way. This leads to fewer, but better trades. I also added a rule that the candle also has to be in the same direction, to further filter the trades.

The package comes with a Trade Management (TWCONFIG) that trades 3 contracts, and has three targets. The first target (10 ticks) gets some points on the board, then moves the stops of the remaining two contracts to a point where it is a no loss trade. The second target, (20 ticks) locks in the trade at a total of 30 ticks, and moves the last stop to break even. The final target is set to a large number (100) for runners that can result in some very profitable trades. All of these targets and stops are adjustable.

Also Included:

  • Overlays of popular levels: Midnight Open, Today’s and Yesterday’s open, Globex High/Low, Daily VWAP, and many others
  • Quote board to quickly select symbols:
  • Text Display of TICK values, also selectable with a quoteboard:
  • Adjustable Order quantities and trade management Configurations
  • Available pre-configured for generic Sierra Chart installations, or Infinity Futures/Transact installations. Choose below.


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Sierra Chart, Infinity Futures


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