S3 and T3 Version 3.1 are released to Production

After months of coding and testing, the latest release of the S3 and T3 Auto Trading systems are now available for purchase. The updated systems include multiple new features to improve your trading experience and deliver a total trading solution.  

The big change is the addition of Limit orders for entries. You can choose to enter a number of different prices, with an offset. The prices are determined by the selection of Open, Close, the mid-point of the Open and Close, the midpoint of the High and Low, or the price with the highest volume in the signal bar, also know as the HighVAP.

Limit orders that do not fill are automatically canceled after the first (or greater) bar after the signal bar.

The S3 and T3 V3.1 Charts have a new look. The charts are cleaner looking, and the T3 “ribbons” at the bottom have been converted to a smaller rectangle that can be sized to take up less space. They still provide all the same information about the T3 charts:

S3 V3.1 Chart with new T3 ribbons

Included with both systems is the improved Automatic Trailing Stop study set, which allows you to set a trailing stop based on Volatility or by trailing “N bars” back:

“N Bar” Back Trailing Stop

Many new levels have been added, but they are hidden by default so you can decide which ones you want on the chart. 

In addition, new auto trading filters that allow or disallow auto-trading include:

  • Longs only, Shorts Only, or both
  • Two programmable time periods, so you can limit auto-trading to the open and the close or any two periods each day
  • VWAP Rule: Longs above and Short Below
  • Globex Rule: Avoid the bounce and enable no entries as price approaches Globex High from below and Globex Low from above. The “No Trade Zone” is adjustable.
  • Avoid trading the first 15-minute opening range at any time during the day
  • Daily Maximum Profit and Loss limits will shut down the auto-trader if either is reached.

The S3 and T3 systems are available separately, or together with the combination of the two in one chartbook.

For more information go here.

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