The T3 Trial

My first real trading platform was TradeStation. It sounded cool, and to a guy who as a kid was really into trains, it sounded like a train station for stocks.  I used it for a few months after the academy of trading class, and I was happy with it.

Then I learned about ThinkorSwim about a year later. I was a TOS user for several years. I listened in to the chat room, and tried to follow along with the discussion in the chat box. I tried a few things with the charts, and learned all about option curves and strategies.  I found the platform powerful, but hard to do anything special. I looked at ThinkScript, and having a background in Computer Science, I figured I could learn this. However, it didn’t excite me, as I realized the tools weren’t the problem, it was my search for the holy grail that was the problem.

I tried applying the revised core strategy that Online Trading Academy taught,  where you look for areas of supply and demand based on what I would call price action “foot prints”. The foot prints were easy to see, once you trained your eye.  They could occur on any time frame, and these areas would be returned to if only to fill your one trade. Like support and resistance, they would define a range, but unlike them you could only count on them the on the first or second time price returned to them. I found there were just too many things to look at, and their “odds enhancers” only added to the search.

David’s room used new charts. They were smooth and they had trending bars and indecision bars. His color coding of various technical indicators, like moving average crossovers appeared to be something I could get my arms around. After following his videos on setting up TOS charts to “match” his, i soon realized I was at a disadvantage using TOS.

David’s charts were being shared with the room, and his charts were generated with Sierra Chart.  I was noticing a significant delay in my charts compared to his, which were by nature delayed 500ms or so due to the webinar sharing. So if I was seeing his charts half a second after it happened, and my TOS charts were even slower, I decided this was not conducive to good trading. I switched to a broker that supported Sierra Charts.

David has a big collection of pre-built chartbooks for Sierra Chart, and along with his ebook, training videos, and online coaching, I was able to get up to speed quickly. I was self concious at first being the newbie in the room, asking all these dumb questions about the Sierra platform. David was there to help, and as a former high school teacher, and current university level instructor, his passion for teaching was obvious. He is always patient with the group, even when he missed a good trade because he was explaining something at the time.

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