and David Katz

If you are looking for a trading room experience with traders from all walks of life, check out, and the on-line trading room run by David Katz. I recommend his room for several reasons. For one, it is a teaching room, where not only David, but many members share their knowledge and trading ideas with the rest of room. Second, the group, is smalle, rarely over 40 online at once, and there is a lot of personal interaction.  Third, it got me started with new ways of looking at the market, and new tools to analyze them.

I first learned of David Katz in early 2016, when I was searching through YouTube for videos on trading futures. It was a recording of a webinar he had done where he explained his most two important rules: Patience and Discipline. They work together. If you wait for your setup, and follow your plan, you can be successful. He went on to show how he simplified a complex set of rules into a dashboard of colored backgrounds and symbols to help identify the setups.

OK, but what if you were still looking for a strategy that works for you? I had taken courses at an academy of online trading, and while its core strategy was described as mechanical, there was a lot of subjective criteria that made the amount of information needed to decide on a trader to be quite overwhelming. I was happy to see that here was this T3 Strategy that I might be able to pick up.

So I signed  up for the trial week.

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