Upcoming Sierra Chart Update 2151 will Break Custom Studies if they are not Ready

As you are probably aware, Sierra Chart gets updated frequently, usually several times a week.  This is usually to add new features, or to fix issues (bugs) with current features, or recently released features. Users who want to stay on the “bleeding edge” always update, but it is often a good idea to let others be the early adopters, so you get a more reliable experience.  Usually, you do not need to update more than once a month, and even then you can still be a month behind and be OK.

A new capability to track timestamps to the millisecond and even microsecond is being phased in. The first phase changes the underlying timestamp data type to a 64-bit integer. This means studies that use date/time values will need to be rebuilt to run on version 2151 and beyond. Also, the new version will not run studies built before 2151.  All custom studies will need to be rebuilt to 2151 by the developers, and Forgiving Computers is in the process of doing the rebuild for all supported custom studies.

We recommend staying at whatever version you have or no more than the current version (2146) until you are notified that your studies have been updated.  Your current studies will continue to work even if you don’t update after the new versions are available, however, once you update to 2151 or higher, you will need the new versions of the studies. There will be two versions of the DLL files available after the rebuild, the currently existing one, and a new one with a modification of the file name to include 2151.

For example, Study_64.DLL will also be available as Study_2151_64.DLL. (32-bit versions, if available will still be named as before, e.g. Study.DLL.)

If you are interested in the details of the change you can follow this thread on the Sierra Support Board: https://www.sierrachart.com/SupportBoard.php?ThreadID=55364

You can view the Sierra Change Log here:  https://www.sierrachart.com/index.php?page=doc/Whats_New.php#top

Best wishes and stay healthy,

Brad Houser

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