Version 2151+ Study Updates are Ready

As was mentioned in the previous post, we have completed the migration of all custom studies to work on versions 2151 or higher. You may safely update Sierra Chart to the current version and the new studies will be downloaded for you. Please allow a minute or so for the downloads to complete before opening your chartbooks, or you may get an error. 

The new studies add no additional features, just compatibility with the latest versions of Sierra Chart, which will soon have millisecond and microsecond time tracking. You may notice two copies of each DLL, one with the regular name, one with the new name. The new file name has “_2151” added to the name, however, your existing chartbooks will find the correct study whether or not you are running a version before or after 2151.  When viewing the list of custom studies in the “Add Custom Studies” window, you will only be able to load the ones that work for your version, so you don’t need to worry about picking the correct study.



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