Version 3 Auto Trader Studies are Here!

At long last, it is my pleasure to announce the immediate availability of the new and improved S3, T3, and W3 Custom Studies, completely re-written in C++ using the Sierra Chart ACSIL interface. By writing the auto-trading systems in C++, users will obtain multiple benefits, including the option of a free 30-day trial. The studies eliminate the Spreadsheets previously used, and the problems that go with them.  All future development will be in C++ and the previous versions of the studies will no longer be available.

Sierra Chart/AT is written in C++. an open-source, high level programming language that compiles into very efficient code that can be extended with custom studies using Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL’s) that are automatically installed for licensed users upon startup of the trading platform. The new Version 3 studies can be used in multiple charts and chartbooks at the same time with no issues, as they all appear to be separate programs to the application.  With no overhead from Spreadsheet studies, the DLLs will perform faster, use less memory and disk space, and be automatically updated with new features and bug fixes. Also, they have their own study setup parameters, eliminating the need to have a separate “Inputs” study.

The new studies will be available on a subscription basis, with monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions available. The subscriptions require a configuration of your Sierra Chart username, which you can find in Help>>About. The Sierra Account.  When the configuration is done, you receive an email confirming order completion. At that time you will need to stop and restart the Sierra/AT platform, in order to download the chartbooks and custom DLL files.

Customers who purchased the spreadsheet versions of the trading systems will receive a coupon code(s) to apply towards the purchase of the new systems. Look for the coupon codes in your email.  While the previous versions of the studies will continue to work, there will not be any further development of the spreadsheet-based systems. You are encouraged to sign-up for a risk susbcription, including one month free. Should you cancel before the end of the trial period,  there will be no more charges.  You can read more about the Subscription Terms and Conditions by clicking here.

It has taken some time for me to learn how to code in C++, as I cut my teeth on BASIC and FORTRAN back in the ’70s.  While a lot can be done with spreadsheets, there are significant limitations using them. I plan on adding new systems and features, which will make auto-trading more advanced. For example, the DLL studies can access Order Flow data, while the spreadsheets cannot.

I look forward to hearing from you when you have had a chance to try them out. Please feel free to leave product reviews as well.

I look forward to the new chapter in Trading Systems Development.



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