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Who Am I?

I am Brad Houser, a former IT Manager from Silicon Valley, and now a day trader and system developer. I have been trading stocks, options, and futures in some form or another for over 30 years.  I became interested in the power of Sierra Chart and its ability to automatically analyze price action and apply mathematical rules to enter Buy and Sell orders when I joined David Katz’ trading room in early 2016. Through time in the room, I have learned many trading strategies and started developing trading systems based on them.

I started with simple spreadsheet studies that showed when a combination of rules lined with, indicating a possible long or short entry. These eventually became fully automatic trading systems, which have been available here since early 2018. Though the support and encouragement of David Katz, and the members of the TradingFibz.com trading room, I have been focusing on growing this business as many traders find it difficult to maintain consistency in following their rules. I am a firm believer that even simple trading systems can be profitable if managed correctly: using sound trade management practices, and knowing when it is not a good time to trade, manually or otherwise.


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