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Forgiving Computers was started by Brad Houser, BSE/MBA,  a former IT Manager from Silicon Valley. As an experienced day trader and system developer, he has traded stocks, options, and futures in some form or another for over 30 years.  His trading systems are developed to help you the trader with automatic entries and exits, reducing the emotion and increasing the consistency of following-rule based trading systems.

Brad was an Electrical Engineer and Computer Science major at Princeton, and received his MBA at the University of Santa Clara while working at AMD.  He assumed leadership positions in Information Technology groups at Intel and other companies, large and small. Brad is a hands-on technical manager and software engineer.  He developed, implemented, and managed mission-critical automation systems for the factories and supporting corporate infrastructures.

Forgiving Computers works with traders to develop custom systems that meet their needs. Our focus is on quality at an affordable price. To avoid rewrites, we don’t begin until client requirements are clearly understood and documented.

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