S3: Selective Scalping System

The S3 Selective Scalping System for Futures is designed to take small trades (5-10 ticks) based on simple rules. It was presented by David Katz, of TradingFibz.com, during a webinar for Infinity Futures on Feb 1, 2018. You can see a replay of the webinar HERE.


Using range bars, Two moving averages are plotted, a regular EMA, and a T3 moving average. The T3 is the one that changes from Red to White according to the slope. When the MAs cross we are looking to go long or short based on the direction. The potential signal bars (Cyan or Magenta) occur when the previous bar closes above the T3 and the current bar closes x ticks above the previous close. The strategy is further refined by limiting entries to only the first eligible bar that is in sync with the slope of the T3.

We have taken the rules of the S3 trading system and applied them to Sierra Chart, and now the system is available for automatic download into your trading platform.  The custom study trading system creates the colored arrows you see in the chart above, following the refined rules.  You can optionally enable Auto-Trading, or only display the arrows, and choose to manually trade or not.

You can order this system today, and within 48 hours your account will be configured for automatic download.

Available in Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual subscriptions.