W3 Auto Trader


W3 Version 3 Auto Trader Study:

  • Implements the W3 Strategy for Automatic Entries and Exits
  • Compiled C++ Code delivered as Custom Study DLL
  • Automatic installation and updates
  • Limit auto trading to specific times of day
  • Lifetime License at one low price. Includes free updates and 1 year of email support.
  • For  Limited Time, save $35, as this is now on sale for $114.99.


Custom DLL study that AutoTrades the  W3 system, with working chartbook and 3 contract trade configuration. Charts can be duplicated with ease to other chartbooks with no performance issues inherent with spreadsheet studies.


W3 signals (click to enlarge in a new tab)



  • FC W3 V3 Auto DLL Auto Trader Study *
  • W3 Auto Quote V3 Chartbook *
  • W3 x3.twconfig  *
  • W3 V3 User Guide

* Automatic Download after purchase completion