S3 T3 Combo Chartbook Combines S3 and T3 in one Display

Save 15% off the monthly subscription when purchased as the combined trading systems and chartbook and also get the original S3 and T3 packages included.

The popular S3 and T3 systems have joined forces with the S3  T3 V3.3 Auto-Trading System.

The left chart shows the S3 System, the right chart shows the T3 System. S3 is for short term “scalpiing” trades, and T3 is “Trade the Trend” which looks for longer term confirmation of trend baed on 3 different time frames.  Either one or both can be enabled for autotrading. The charts include the latest versions of the S3 and T3 studies. When the S3 T3 combo is purchased, the S3 and T3 systems are also included as separate chart books.

Current subscribers to the S3 T3 combo are entitled to this latest update at no extra charge. Restart Sierra chart to get the new files.

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  1. Super la stratégie.
    Est-ce possible de l’avoir sur ninjatrader8 ?

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