S3 V2.0 Auto Trader


Auto Trade with the S3 Selective Scalping Strategy.  Scalp 5-10 ticks and finish your trading day in the first two hours of trading.


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S3 V2.01 Auto Trader

Requires Sierra Chart v1662 or higher


  • Custom Algo trading system with Chartbooks and Custom studies that implement the S3 Trading Strategy as created by David Katz of TradingFibz.com.
  • Includes Chartbooks and Custom Trading Studies for Sierra Chart.
  • Each chartbook has the standard S3 Volume Bar chart PLUS the S3 HA (Flex Renko Heiken Ashi) chart
  • S3 Inputs can be adjusted, as can volume bar size and Flex Renko TIme frames.
  • Text Display monitors action:
    • Volume countdown of current bar
    • Percentage of Max P/L reached
  • All single symbol charts can be configured for Maximum Daily Profit and Loss levels that will disable auto trading when met or exceeded
  • Setup.exe for easy installation.


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