Advanced Order Duplicator



The FC Advanced Order Duplicator automatically:

  1.  Copy trades to other accounts with 1:1 or 1:N order quantities.
  2.  Converts Long and Short Futures Trades (e.g. ES) to Long Only (Retirement Account) Trades in Positive (SPY) and  Negative (SHN) Correlated Symbols.
  3. Manages all stop/target/limit order prices from one chart. Modify once.

The Forgiving Computers Advanced Order Duplicator tool automates trade duplication and conversion to other symbols.  The Duplicator lets you trade in one account and have the trades cloned or converted onto other accounts.

The tool supports identical trades between accounts with the same asset, or convert between asset classes (e.g Margin to Retirement Account).

Margin Accounts (e.g. Futures) can use an order scaling factor and even trade in the opposite direction. In the case of retirement accounts, it converts short trades to long trades in an inverse ETF. Custom scales determine appropriate price conversions, and orders can be allocated to each account individually. Automatic allocation, if supported by your broker, can also be used.

In addition to order entries all stop, target, and entry prices can be modified across charts using a single mouse click and drag.