Cloning Chartbooks

The same spreadsheet should not be open in two or more chartbooks at a time. Should you decide to make a new chartbook based on an existing chartbook, you need to do two more things to avoid issues.

  1. Open the spreadsheet by double clicking on it. Do File Save as…and a new name. When asked if you want to save the new spreadsheet answer YES.
  2. Next, update the spreadsheet study in the chartbook to see the new spreadsheet. Open the settings for the Spreadsheet (ID5: SS3 nn) and change the Spreadsheet name by clicking on Select and picking the new file. Repeat for any other charts in this chartbook that use the same spreadsheet study. 
  3. If you want to clone the S3T3 chartbook, repeat for the T3 spreadsheet.
  4. Finally, you can modify and File>Save As… the chartbook with a new name.