S3 2.0 Features

Features of the Auto Trade Chartbooks

  1. Flexible rules for implementing the study on any symbol.
    1. The min and max tick movements required to be a valid entry are adjustable by the user.
  2. Attached orders are supported. Set targets and stops as you like.
  3. Adjustable order quantities, default is 1. (Even if you change the attached order. See “Changing the Order Quantity” in Setup.
  4. User selectable daily maximum profit and loss limits. Auto trade will stop for the day if either of these are hit.

    1. Daily Max Profit: $100
    2. Daily Max Loss: ($100)
  5. Optional rule to not enter below (long)/above (short) VWAP.
  6. Option to disable the Moving Average Exit cross rule for backwards compatibility with S3 v 1.0.
  7. Any type of candle can be used: Volume Bars are the default. A Volume Bar consists of x (e.g. 3000) contracts before closing and creating a new bar. The number x is set in the chart settings.
  8. The last bar’s volume countdown to zero is displayed on the chart.
  9. Volume Bar and Flex Renko Heiken Ashi bar charts in the same chartbook, allowing the selective trading of two strategies based on market conditions.
  10. S3 M8 charts have 8 symbols in one chartbook. These are set to monitor trades from other charts, but they can also be enabled to auto-trade as a live dashboard. In support of Live Trading Challenges, the total number of open positions across the 8 symbols is displayed in the upper left window. This is a read only display and is not configured to prevent trading beyond any maximum limit.