Changing Session Times

If you are trading in a time zone that is different from New York (EST/EDT), then you may want to change Session Times in some of the charts. Note that this is an optional step, and with the exception of the S3 VWAP* rule, it does not impact any of the auto trading rules. It will help you be consistent with other traders, so you will know you are all looking at the same thing.

Many of the charts are 24 hour charts, which means their session starts at midnight (00:00:00). By default this is Midnight in New York.

The easiest way to fix this across all S3 and T3 chartbooks, as well as chartbooks downloaded from the TradingFibz shared drive is to simply tell Sierra Chart that you want to trade in New York time. Go to  Global Settings>>Data/Trade Service Settings and change the Time Zone to New York (-5 EST/-4 EDT):

Setting Sierra Chart to New York Time.

Of course, depending on where you live this might take some getting used to.

This web site can help you determine market hours around the globe, and it is tied to your PC’s time zone, which should be set to where you are:

Should you decide you want to adjust the charts to match your trading time zone, you open the chart settings and set the session times.

24 hour Chart:

This is the chart settting from the T3 chart:


24 Hour Chart

Change the highlighted times to your local time when it is midnight in New York. For example, if you live in London, and trade in London Time, then New York is 5 hours behind, so when it is 05:00:00 in London, it is midnight in New York. So you would change Start Time to 05:00:00 and End Time to 04:59:59.

For charts that are based on RTH (Regular Trading Hours) or if there are evening sessions, add or subtract the appropriate number of hours depending on your trading time zone.

Adjust the session times for your trading time zone.


* The VWAP study resets at Midnight, so the reset will depend on which time zone you are in. You want it to reset at Midnight New York time, so the S3 charts that use the VWAP rule (which by default is disabled) should change if you plan on using it.

In the end, you should ask yourself if it is worth the trouble of changing your charts, or if you should just get your head around trading in New York time.