T3 Introduction

The T3 Trading Rules are the core strategy of the TradingFibz.com trading room, run by David Katz. It is based on a combination of Flex Renko Heiken Ashi bars, moving averages, and overlays from other time periods.  The detailed rules are here.

T3, or Trade The Trend, is a trend following system, which has as its goal to identify and ride long trends for high returns.  The Flex Renko bars, combined with the Heiken Ashi study, transform ordinary candles into trending candles and indecision candles. A trending candle appears to be a solid body with only one wick.

1 Minute Candles show you time based price action
Flex Renko Bars are Range based, the bar closes when price has moved a certain number of ticks. In this case, 15.
The combination of Flex Renko bars and the Heiken Ashi study smoothes out price action so trend is easily identified.

Heiken Ashi bars indicate indecision when there are two wicks. They indicate trend when there is one wick pointing in the direction of the trend.

This auto trade chartbook will allow the user to decide to auto trade when market conditions appear favorable.   It is not intended to be a “set it and forget it” tool. It will win some and lose some trades. Discretion is recommended, when deciding to enable or disable auto trading at any point in time.  The main benefit of auto trading is getting you into a trade so you can manage it.