Online Training

With remote control software, we can share screens and I can provide one on one training in the Sierra Chart application. Maybe you need some time getting to learn all the details, or just want to know how to do a specific task. I am an experienced IT Professional, Software Developer, and Trainer.  Want to learn how to use trailing stops? How about alerts? Wondered how spread sheets work with Sierra? Wonder no more, as we can work together to make your trading platform more familiar.  This was the thinking behind the name Forgiving Computers. We make computers less challenging and more useful.

Spring Newsletter

Forgiving Computers Newsletter



Spring is here! We have been busy at Forgiving Computers working on getting new products online as well as fixing up the web site to be more user friendly and helpful. If you haven’t been there in a while, there are several new products and enhancements.

  1. New Trading Systems for Sierra Chart
    1. A new trend following system called W3 has been added. It is based on moving average crossovers and can produce some excellent returns.
    2. The popular S3 Auto Trader has been updated to Version 2 with several fixes. Current date code is 180303.
    3. The T3 system as has been automated and is available to download. Date code: 20180226
    4. An S3/T3 combo is also available with both automated systems side-by-side in the same chartbook. Date code: 180317
  2. Site improvements
    1. A new shopping cart application was installed, which allows for coupon codes and customer groups.
    2. Blogging entries have been started, and will continue as we move forward.
    3. Wiki Based user manuals and troubleshooting.
    4. Online support ticketing.
    5. PayPal and Stripe payment options give flexibility in shopping.
    6. Improved menus with drop downs.
    7. My Downloads, a page of all your previous downloads. As the programs are updated you can download them again for free. (If you don’t see anything, please open a support ticket, the old shopping cart orders were not migrated.)
  3. Notice for all users: Due to a limitation uncovered recently with Sierra Chart, it is necessary to keep all your trading charts in the New York time zone, or the levels and studies that are overlaid from other charts will be shifted in time, and be incorrect.

As a customer of Forgiving Computers I value your business, and if there is anything you would like to see more of, please feel free to let me know.

Your friend in trading,

Brad Houser

Welcome Sierra Chart Users

My name is Brad Houser. I have been using Sierra Chart for over 2 years, after having used TradeStation and ThinkorSwim. I find it very flexible, lightweight, and powerful. It takes a little getting used to, and its UI is sort of reminiscent of Windows NT. However, since it is written in C++, it uses much less memory than the other platforms, and it performs much faster.

I started creating Studies with Spreadsheets and have found them to be very versatile and straightforward. I gradually got some auto trading studies working, and wanted to share them with other Sierra Chart users who are interested in exploring them. Auto-trading can be helpful if you have a trading plan that follows a set of mechanical rules for getting into and exiting a trade. It is not a good idea to let them run without supervision, as you may need to use some discretion if market conditions are not according to your plan. I have created auto trading chartbooks for futures that are configurable for various scenarios. They also help you stick to your plan by setting Daily Maximum profit and loss limits that will shut off auto trading when met. Even if you don’t use the signal for automatic trading, these trading systems can help you decide if you want to manually enter a trade or not.

If there is a system you would like me to develop, I can let you know if I can code it for you. I charge different amounts if it is only to be for you, or if I can resell it to others. Let me know in the Contact Us form.