New Version of the S3 System

The S3 and T3 auto-trading systems have been updated to enhance functionality and make them easier to use. When switching from Sim to Live to trade, you no longer need to change the study setting: Send Orders to Trade Service. The setting is automatically changed when you switch the Trade Simulation Mode Enabled menu item.

The S3 system also will try to minimize losses if you use the Max Daily Loss setting. Instead of waiting to close the trade to check of the daily loss limit has been reached, the values are continuously checked, and any open position will be flattened if the Maximum Loss is reached. Note that the Max Profit will still stay in the trade, in case it goes even higher, you won’t miss out.

Current customers of the S3 system can restart Sierra Chart to pick up the changes automatically, and the updated documentation is available in My Downloads.

2 Replies to “New Version of the S3 System”

  1. I do not use bar charts. I trade vertically off the Dome. Can your system be modified to trade Vertically?

    1. No modification is needed. The Auto Trader study is attached to a Flex-Renko chart. Manually trading on the DOM or elsewhere is never disabled.

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