What is your development process for Sierra Chart custom studies?

Sierra Chart custom studies are ideal for mechanical trading systems due to their robustness and speed.
This is my development process:

1. Requirements: You provide your criteria, including entry/exit rules, risk management, and any other specifics, ideally in logical or mathematical terms.

2. Review: I’ll review your requirements and seek clarification if needed.

3. Quote: Once we agree on the scope, I’ll provide a fixed-price quote and estimated turnaround time. Additional charges apply for source code or multiple users.

4. Approval: Upon acceptance, you’ll pay 50% upfront.

5. Development: I’ll begin work and notify you when it’s ready for beta testing, distributing files to your Sierra Account automatically.

6. Beta Testing: You’ll test within a reasonable timeframe, reporting any bugs for correction. This process repeats until satisfied.

7. Final Approval: You approve the beta and pay the remaining balance. The source code, if purchased, is delivered.

8. Support: One year of email support is included; thereafter, standard consulting fees apply.

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