Emergency Flatten Button Doesn’t Work in FC Risk Management Tool

The FC Risk Management / Lockout Tool has various ways that can lock all trading with the broker. This includes flattening, canceling, or modifying.

What can go wrong?

If you are in a trade you want to exit, you cannot do it the normal way when trading is locked. That’s where the emergency button comes in.

If you are in a situation where you want to exit all trades, the Emergency Flatten button will temporarily unlock trading, flatten and cancel all orders, and then lock trading again.

Here are three reasons why it may not be working:
1. Did you enable Auto-Trading Global and Auto-Trading Chart on the chart with the Lockout Tool?
– Anytime a study does trading for you these have to be enabled.
2. Does the ACS Control Bar Button match the ACS number in the study settings?
3. Did you select the chart you want to flatten the trade on before clicking the button?
– Only the chart with the Lockout Tool can see the button and act on i

When it works you will see the following messages in the Windows Message Log:

Emergency Flatten 10: Trading Unlocked
Emergency Flatten 20: Flatten and Cancel All Orders submitted
Emergency Flatten 3a: Trading Locked

If Unsuccessful, you will see this message:
Emergency Flatten 21: Flatten and Cancel Error nnn
Where nnn is an error code.

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