T3 1.0 Features

Features of the Auto Trade Chartbooks

  1. Adjustable Flex Renko Time frames. Some markets move faster than others, so for the ES market, a 5-4-0 setting is used. For NQ, 10-7-0 or 15-14-0 is used. Every market has an ideal setting at any point in time.
  2. Attached orders are supported. Set targets and stops as you like.
  3. Order quantity can be modified to allow for multicontract trades.
  4. Adjustable order quantities, default is 1. (Even if you change the attached order. See “Changing the Order Quantity” in Setup.
  5. User selectable daily maximum profit and loss limits. Auto trade will stop for the day if either of these are hit.

    1. Daily Max Profit: $100
    2. Daily Max Loss: ($100)
  6. 5 minute charts for Murrey Math Levels (MML) and other popular levels.