Can changing memory chips speed up my computer? Dell wants to sell me new memory chips to help speed up computer processing, not sure that will do it.

Unless the computer came with slower chips than it was designed for, swapping out faster ones will not make a difference. I don’t think Dell would have done that. What will help is if you upgrade to more RAM, as Windows will spend less time swapping data back and forth to the disk drive. You can go to and run a test that will tell you what your options are. Dell will sell computers with less than the maximum amount of RAM allowed to save money. The best way to speed up Sierra Chart is to use a SSD (Solid State Drive) as your drive for Windows and Sierra Chart.

Also reducing the amount of data/days that the chart loads on start up of the application will help. If you don’t normally run backtests or look back on your charts more than 7 days.There is really no need to have your charts set to load more than 10 days of data.

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