I want to put an NQ long alert into the T3 strategy, but the description and the number of the study don’t match the member video about Alerts now. What study number to use for the alert or where to put it in the current T3 auto study setting?

The S3 auto trade study is ID5, the T3 auto trade study is ID16, and the W3 auto trade study is ID3.  For example, you can add an audio alert  to the T3 Auto Trade study by editing the Study Settings for ID16.  Column K is Buy Long, and Column M is Sell Short.

If you want to add sound files to the list of available alerts, the files should be saved in the C:\SierraChart\AlertSounds.  (For Infinity/Transact Futures the folder is: C:\SierraChart\SierraChartTransActMA\AlertSounds.)  Go to Global Settings>>General Settings>>Alerts/General 3 to add sound files to the list of available audio alerts.

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