How to send the Trade Activity Log for Analysis

In order to see what happened to your trade orders, either live or in sim, the Trade Activity Log as everything that enters , modifies, or closes all orders. The log should be filtered to only view the relevant trades.  There are three Steps to sending the log: Preparation, Saving, and Attaching the log

Preparing the Log

The following steps will generate the log for the specific trades you are interested in. 

  1. Select Trade >> Trade Activity Log on the main Sierra Chart menu.
  2. On the Trade Activity Log window, select the [*Trade Activity] tab from the top level menu.
  3. At the top left select All Activity to list both Orders and Fills.
  4. In the list of Symbols, select the symbol.
    1. If you are in Simulation the Symbol name have [Sim] in front of the name:  [Sim]NQH22
  5. In the list of Trade Accounts, select the particular Trade Account the order was submitted to. If you are not sure of the particular Trade Account, select All Accounts
    1. In the case of simulated trading within Sierra Chart, these accounts will begin with Sim#.
  6. In the Date Range to Display >> From Date box, enter a date which is earlier than the date of the order being questioned.
  7. Make sure Date Range to Display >> To >> Today is checked. Note if the trade was not in the last day or so, it is better to uncheck this box and enter a Date and Time that occurs after your trade closed. (Decreases the file size.)
  8. In the list of Internal Order IDs make sure that All Internal Order IDs is selected.
  9. In the list of Notes, make sure All Notes is selected.
  10. Press the Apply button.

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Saving the Log

The log file can now be saved as a file for emailing and analysis.In the Trade Activity Window, select File>> Save Log As  and use the default name as it contains the date the file is saved:

  • If you need to send more than one file per day, just add  a dash and a number:
  • Click Save.
  • Email the Log

In your email program, attach the file located at: C:\SierraChart\SavedTradeActivity.  If you sort the files by date, it will be the newest one.

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